[cell]This purple thing will save me.

Been a long time/ good to be back/ My metre is off/ sorry bout that


[cell] Its Good To Be Back

Hello, hello. I never thought Id be this excited about
a crappy Internet connection.

This has been a transmission from the blue cell. ##END##

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[cell] This is a test...

And you thought something interesting might be here. HA!

This has been a transmission from the blue cell. ##END##


Take the Internet to Go: Yahoo!Go puts the Internet in your pocket: mail, news, photos & more.



[cell] This Is How You Describe Your Existence

A quote from QB. It's quite fitting as a title for something, don't you agree?


[cell] As Prince ('Don't Believe That Crap!') Once Sang...

Sometimes It Snows In April. Apparently snow and April are having an extended fling this season. While rain-esque storm rattles things, a man lectures me about the cleanliness of my colon. Or lack thereof. I really miss H & Max right now.


[bell] Door Is Open. Cold Air Creeps Up My Feet

Bright. Sunny. Deceptively Sunny. You might even mistake it for brisk in a certain sense. 33 degrees. Wind chill The Same. SISIA. I give; tired, sore and in bad shape for an eleven o'clock "gathering."